Steven Birn: Gay Basher From the Far Right

27 Apr

Homosexual Agenda Attacks Religious Freedom


The homosexual agenda is being pushed by well organized activists with a very clear plan. They’re in the process of targeting small towns, particularly towns known to be surrounded by conservatives. They’ve been targeting Holland, Michigan trying to force a homosexual special rights ordinance. Holland is more liberal than the surrounding area, but it’s hardly San Francisco. They’re also targeting Hutchinson, Kansas with an ordinance which would prohibit churches from discriminating against homosexuals. Thus churches would be prevented from refusing to rent their building to homosexuals for marriages, receptions and such. This is the latest attack on the church from the far left.

The left loves to talk about separation of church and state, as though it’s specifically enshrined in the Constitution. When they talk about separation of church and state what the progressive left really means is that the church stays out of state affairs. They have no problem whatsoever with the state ordering the church around, placing laws and restrictions over it. Thus the left has no problem with ordering churches to pay for contraception even if the church finds it morally unacceptable. Likewise, they have no problem ordering the church to rent space to homosexuals for a fraudulent homosexual wedding even if the church believes that homosexual relations are sin.

First the left came for the Roman Catholics, now they’re coming after conservative protestants. Their goal is two fold. The broader goal of the left is to chip away at religious rights, bringing the church further into the fold and control of the state in the process. In this case, the more direct goal is to gain broader acceptance, even by force, of that which is evil. The left has already been largely successful at convincing young people that there’s nothing wrong with homosexual acts, never mind that they are not what God intended. Now they’re going to attack anyone who disagrees. The free exercise clause of the Constitution means nothing to these people.

In Canada it is illegal for pastors to preach on the sin of homosexual acts. Make no mistake, this is the goal of the left here in America. They not only want government to protect that which is evil but they want to prevent anyone who disagrees from speaking. It’s been largely successful in Canada, pastors are afraid to read certain passages of scripture lest they be arrested for a human rights violation. Is this what we want in the United States? No doubt the left has no problem with it. But those of us who disagree, be forwarned. The ordinance that is being pushed in Hutchinson, Kansas is meant to be a direct attack on conservative Christianity. It’s meant to frighten people into silence. That they’re doing this in the middle of a conservative state is intentional, they’re bringing their war on religious freedom straight to the religious.

Hutchinson Kansas may not pass this ordinance the first time around. Like in Holland, the homosexual activists willcontinue pushing it until the public grows tired of the fight and simply gives up. They’ve been playing this game in Holland for a decade, dividing the city and dividing the city from the surrounding community. All the while they foster hatred of the church and hatred of God. America is at a crossroads concerning religious freedom. Do we truly value religious freedom, even if we disagree with how some people exercise that freedom? Or do we not value religious freedom and wish to have the church subjected to the whims of the state?

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About Steven
I am a Christian saved by grace through faith. I am a conservative, lawyer, husband, father and political junkie.

5 Responses to Homosexual Agenda Attacks Religious Freedom

  1. Dear Steven,
    At the latest world wide homosexual agenda conference we discussed what kind of things us militant homosexuals should be pushing down people’s throat and we came up with a few ideas.
    1. We would like to end the type of homophobic bullying that leads young teens, straight and gay, to take their own lives.
    2. We would like equal rights and freedoms under the law and relevant government policies.
    3. We would like to not be banned from the churches and religions that some of us believe in because we are the way God made us.
    4. We would like to be recognised as people, we are not evil, we are just like you.
    Consider this the homosexual agenda, we hope it will be passed with a significant majority.
    All in favour say aye.
    Lots of rainbows and unicorns,
    The militant gay left.

    • Steven says:

      Homosexuals don’t need to be bullied, they need to have the gospel shared with them. They need to be encouraged to turn from their sin, just like any other unbelieving sinner. Government should not be in the business of favoring people who make sexual choices, which is what the laws being written are an attempt to do. The church should never accept as a member an unrepentant sinner, which is what a practicing homosexual is.

      No one has dened that homosexuals are people. And yes, they are evil. All mankind is according to scripture because of sin. The difference between you and me is two fold. I have repented, not of my will but of His who saved me, and I don’t revel in sin but repent of it. What you want to do is have the church declare that which is sin according to scripture declared not sin. Unfortunately for you God and His word changes not. I would encourage you to repent and follow God’s Holy Word.

  2. LD Jackson says:

    I have long held the opinion that homosexuals are after more than just the freedom to live their lives as they see fit. What they really want is to force the rest of us to accept their sexual preferences as being natural, as if God created them that way. It is not good enough for them to be left alone in their depravity, they want those of us who believe it is unnatural and unholy to accept that depravity as nothing unusual. Their actions over the past several years bear that out, I believe.

    • God did make me this way. He made everyone the way they are, the only difference between me and you is the hatred he gave you and the love he gave me.

      • Steven says:

        That simply isn’t so. Homosexual sex is declared a sin in scripture. The idea that God “made” you a homosexual is simply false. You choose to engage in homosexual relations, no different than any straight person who chooses to engage in sexual relations. That all man is a sinner is not a reason to commit sin and to look the other way when sin is committed.

  3. john says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.


  2. You would be very comfortable dude in Saudi Arabia wouldn’t you? Imagine if every law in the old testament was followed verbatim? We could stone adulterers to death. We could cut off the hands of thieves. Slavery would be legal! Every man could have more than one wife! Whoever did any work on the Sabbath day would be put to death! If a women is not a virgin when she married then she would be stoned to death! Great stuff right from the Bible. But, of course these rules are hopelessly antiquated and rejected-except by the Taliban and other extremist Muslims. Yet, Steve, there is one rule from the old testament that you must abide by because of the evil and destruction that it brings to God’s creation-yes-homosexuality. Homosexuality caused the deaths of 60 million in WWII. Homosexuality caused communism to rule Russia for 90 years, the Great Depression and worst of all, homosexuality caused the 911 attack on the World Trade Center. All these terrible incidences are verified to have been caused by the homosexuals. It couldn’t be, could it Steve – that it’s the homophobe in you that causes you to take such strong opposition to homosexuality? you know-its like that yucky feeling you get when you think about two guys kissing. You know, Jesus -he never said one word about gay people. You think there were no gay people in the Holy Land when Jesus lived there? How come no gay people asked to be cured by Jesus? Why didn’t Jesus cure all gays forever? He had the power to do it!


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